Diploma Services

If you graduated from York University, order a diploma/certificate. You can place an order for:

    • a diploma (if you never received it or would like to order a replacement/additional copy) or
    • a re-classification of diploma if you graduated with one of the following degrees:
      • Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS),
      • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc),
      • Bachelor of Law (LLB) or
      • Master/Magisteriate of Arts (MA DEM).

Follow the steps below to make sure your diploma order is correct.

Step 1: Verify Your Name at York

Your full legal name, as shown on the Student Personal Information, is what is used on official University documents, such as transcripts and diplomas.

To make any changes to your official name, you must submit a Name Change form to the Registrar's Office along with the appropriate supporting documentation as outlined on the form.

For your correct name to appear on your diploma, the Name Change Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office alongside with your request for reclassification and/or a duplicate diploma order.

Step 2: Order a Diploma Replacement / Duplicate
  New Degree Name When the change occurred Order Replacement Diploma
Bachelor of Administrative Studies
Bachelor of Commerce
September 2017
Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Engineering
October 2014
Bachelor of Laws
Juris Doctor
June 2009
Master/Magisteriate of Arts
Master/Magisteriate of Emergency and Disaster Management
June 2014
  Description Order Replacement Diploma
Diploma Replacement / Duplicate Re-print of your diploma.
Step 3: Order a Diploma Framing

Would you like your diploma and/or certificate framed at the official York University frame store? Order a frame or frame package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Your Diploma/Certificate

I graduated from York more than a year ago and never picked up my diploma. What should I do?

If you graduated outside the timeframes shown above, you must request and pay for a new diploma or certificate. Follow the instructions in Step 1 and Step 2 on this page.

I'd like to change my degree designation (e.g. from BAS to BCom) and am about to order a diploma online. What should I know?

Alumni who elect to change their degree designation can expect the following:

  • A notation will be added to your academic record and transcript that the degree was renamed.
  • A new diploma with the designation will be issued to you using the diploma design and layout currently in effect; you may keep your original diploma.

How long will it take to receive a diploma replacement?

  • Once processed, it takes four to six weeks to receive your replacement diploma.
  • If you graduated prior to 1994, you should anticipate a longer turnaround time.

Please note: during busy and peak times, such as examination periods and convocation as well as University closures, processing times will increase. Questions regarding your application should be sent to Diploma Services.

What will happen if I ordered a replacement/duplicate diploma or diploma re-classification, but still owe fees to the University?

Your order will not be processed until you have cleared your outstanding balance or made financial arrangement for payments.

If you have any questions or need more information, please send an e-mail to diplomas@yorku.ca.